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Comparing the effectiveness of the E-Sperse® 
Product Line to Standard Industry Dispersants

Of greatest importance to the consumer is ease of use of a paint. Pigment dispersion stability on the shelf and in aqueous coatings remains a priority for paint and pigment dispersion manufacturers. This study looks at improvement of the shelf life of the pigment dispersion, as well as enhancement of the compatibility of the pigment dispersion with waterborne, white-base, latex paints.

In this report, you will discover:

  • Which commonly used dispersants offer good grinding and dispersion qualities, but increase in viscosity over time.
  • Whether the E-Sperse® products perform as well as the standards dispersants in dispersion stabilization and in maintaining lower viscosities in heat stability studies.
  • A comparison of E-Sperse® products to standard industry dispersants when incorporated into a pigment dispersion. 
  • An important added benefit with the E-Sperse® products when introduced to commercial paints.
  • An evaluation of application testing results, such as rub up, viscosity, syneresis, gloss, and color strength.
  • Which E-Sperse® products performed best for improving color development in waterborne acrylic and styrene/acrylic paints.